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5 Possible Damages From Lack of Proper Reefer Maintenance

Proper refrigerated containers or reefer maintenance is pivotal. Prolonging the durability of a building or other objects requires effort and reefer maintenance is needed so that the item will have a long life and serviceability. This also applies to refrigerated containers which also require maintenance both internally and externally. Many parts of a reefer are made of stainless steel, this is especially to prevent unintended damage from corrosion.

Reefer maintenance will reduce expenses in the future due to unwanted damage to the inside or outside of the body. Having a refrigerated container requires extra care, especially in the refrigeration unit.

If water seeps into and enters through the insulation, this will cause the refrigeration machine to work harder during the cooling process. If that happens, it will increase your spending on power bills.+

Thus, refrigerated container maintenance must be carried out at least every few years to ensure the quality and performance of the refrigeration machine remain in check. That way, the durability of refrigerated containers will also be maintained and able to operate for a longer period; thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Different from other types of containers such as shipping containers used for transporting and shipping goods, refrigerated container maintenance has several parts that require regular cleaning.

5 Possible Damages From Lack of Proper Refrigerated Containers Maintenance

refrigerated containers

Mismanaging refrigerated containers will cost a lot in the future, thus, it is highly necessary to be mindful of what could possibly cause damage to the unit. These five points below can lead to unintended damages in the future:


Loads that exceed the limit will cause the container structure to change such as being folded or bent due to perennial pressure from the load. Especially in the shipping process of goods over long distances, this will trigger damage.

Thus, it is especially critical to be mindful of how much payload the refrigerated container can cater in a single go without making it bear too much more than it should be.

The cost of improper reefer maintenance due to overstuffing will cost a surge in power bills. So, it is better to be safe than sorry than regret later for not taking the right action to prevent unintended things from happening.

Choose the wrong type of refrigerated container 

If the load in the refrigerated containers for sale is too heavy or does not match the load that should be in a certain type of refrigerated container. Say, a 20’ refrigerated container has a maximum net weight of 27.520, so it is pivotal to store payload within the range of maximum net weight.

Choosing the wrong type of reefer to store the transported items will cause the container’s walls, and floors to warp or dent. Uneven load allocation also leads to damage to refrigerated containers. So, despite choosing the right type, it is also necessary to be precise on how much load is to be stored.

Inept Forklift Operator

Refrigerated containers can also be damaged if the forklift does not work properly during the loading and unloading process. It is advisable to do a quality and performance check on the forklift before using it.

Uncompromising climate

Oftentimes extreme weather shifting during the transportation process will cause the refrigerated container to rust, corrode, and scratch or fading paint color on the outside.

Chemical Spoilation

Sometimes refrigerated containers carry chemicals and toxic substances that can cause contamination. This will interfere with the cooling system in the refrigerated container.

Although damage to refrigerated containers is often inevitable due to high exposure to extreme weather or accidents during the shipping process, it’s greatly suggested to minimize the occurrence of events that can cause severe damage. Proper reefer maintenance is necessary to extend its lifespan and reduce unnecessary costs for repairing it.

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